I am a Front-End Developer at Ansible and a recent NC State graduate of Computer Science. This site collects web-oriented things and thoughts.

In addition to the fun things I do on the internet, I also play guitar in two bands: Less Western and SMLH. I’ve engineered recordings for WKNC’s very fun Lounge Series, Nice Price Books and Records’ Shows and Naked Naps one time. I enjoy playing primitive finger-style and pedal-oriented guitar (Shoegaze), as well as krauty Bass lines.

When I’m not doing fun internet or music things, I think about leadership thanks to the Caldwell Fellows program. One time I was the TA for a fun after school program called the Kids’ Cafe as part of the Avent West Community Development Corporation.

Thanks for your interest and please don’t hesitate to contact me,


PS: You can find the source code for the Jekyll new theme (which this site is currently using) at github.com/jglovier/jekyll-new